Meet the inventor

THE SAFE, SIMPLE AND EASY WAY TO TIE YOUR FISHING HOOK with this great little Aussie invention! 

Modest Hook-Eze inventor Ross Bain, describes himself as "just a dad with three kids who like to fish". Hook-Eze is a nifty little gadget that is so more than just a simple hook cover, it makes tying fishing hooks onto the line not only safer, but a whole lot easier.


Ross Bain is the inventor of a little device that leaves him more time to enjoy fishing as his wife and children safely tie their own tackle.

Ross invented Hook-Eze, a nifty little gadget that makes tying fishing hooks onto the line not only safer, but a whole lot easier.The barbs of the fishing hook are protected in the case, while a spinning ring on your finger makes twisting the line a breeze.

Hook-Eze is suitable for standard fishing hooks sized from 4/0 down to No.28, selected flies, swivels, snap-ons & speed clips for lure fishing. It's great for tying line to line & line to leader, you can even tie a Bimini Twist!

When you’ve finished fishing for the day, you can put the hook back into the Hook-Eze, and from there, it snaps onto the runner of the rod and its ready to store in the car, so you won’t prick your upholstery, children, animals, whatever you take fishing with you. 

Ross currently resides in Queensland with his wife and three children. In his spare time (when he's not travelling around demonstrating this great little invention), Ross loves nothing more than to take the kayaks out and throw a line in the river. 


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This is why Hook-Eze is certainly a useful and affordable gadget.

  • So Safe & Simple – Everyone ties their OWN fishing tackle!
  • Never lose another fish from a faulty fishing knot!
  • Eliminate painful injuries!
  • No more torn upholstery – use Hook-Eze to safely transport your fishing rod whilst fully rigged.
  • Tie that perfect knot, every time with Eze!
  • So Safe, Simple & Fun, children tie their own tackle!
  • Never tie a hook on for someone else again – it’s so easy!
  • Great Aussie Invention!
  • Great gift idea for ALL ages!

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