Hook-Eze Large Fishing Knot Tying Tool (Combo Pack)

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Fish-Hook-Eze QUICK SAFE & EASY Tie Perfect Knots!

Fish-Hook-Eze Now EVERYONE can tie their OWN Tackle!

Fish-Hook-Eze Travel SAFELY COVER the hooks on your rods

Fish-Hook-Eze All Stainless Steel fittings & Line Cutter


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What size Hook-Eze is right for me?

River & Coast (Original) - The original tool that has taken the fishing world by storm. Created for fishing rivers and coastal areas.

Suitable for standard 4/0 hooks down to the smallest No.28.

Each pack includes 2 Hook-Eze.

Reef & Blue Water (Large) - This is our bigger model, designed for people who like to get out on the water to do their fishing.  

Suitable for a Standard 10/0 hook down to a 1/0.

Each pack includes 2 Hook-Eze.

Combo (Original & Large) - Want to be covered for all fishing types? Grab a Combo pack and you will never be without Hook-Eze wherever you are fishing.

You will get both the Original and Large twin packs, meaning you can also cover 4 hooks when travelling.

Suitable for a Standard 10/0 hook right down to the smallest No.28 hook.

Combo pack includes 4 Hook-Eze.

Tie a perfect Clinch Knot every time

Don’t ask others to tie your tackle! Learn to quickly and easily tie hooks, swivels, jig heads and speed clips for attaching lures and other rigs.

Cover Your Hooks

Eliminate painful injuries when tieing chemically sharpened hooks.

Avoid injury to kids and pets or damage to your upholstery whilst traveling fully rigged to your favourite fishing spots.

Safely Cut the Line

Avoid knife injuries and chipped teeth by safely trimming the fishing line with our stainless steel line cutter which trims up to 50lb mono and heavier Braided Lines.

Easily Remove the Hook From the Fish's Mouth

Use the Hook-Eze to remove the hook from the fish's mouth without touching the fish or the hook with your hands.

Avoid getting hooked or spiked when releasing the fish and it makes for a better catch and release by reducing damage to the fish with less handling.

Our Guarantee

Only genuine Hook-Eze are made of 100% UV Stabilised Raw Virgin Polypropylene with all stainless steel fittings making them impervious to all weather conditions and salt water.

Hook-Eze will become a permanent part of your tackle box for years to come.

Because of this, all purchases come with a 2 Year Guaranteed Manufacturer's Warranty