Want to tie professional knots faster when you are fishing rivers and estuaries?

River & Coast Hook-Eze is the original tool that has taken the fishing world by storm. Fits a standard 4/0 hook down to the smallest No.28

Safe Hook Cover - travel safely while fully rigged. Suitable for a variety of Jig Heads, Speed Clips & Swivels

Our multi-packs are perfect for the whole family, a great gift for any angler or color coding your different hooks or fishing poles.

Hook-Eze River and Coast Twin Pack


  • Includes 2 Hook-Eze
  • Choice of Colors

Hook-Eze Tackle Box Pack


  • Includes 3 x Twin packs Hook-Eze
  • 1 x Magnifeye Hook Threader
  • 1 x Tackle Box Sticker
  • Cover Hooks on up to 6 fishing poles
  • Suits Hooks sized from a Standard 4/0 down to the smallest No. 28

Hook-Eze Combo Pack


  • 1 x Hook-Eze River & Coast Twin Pack
  • 1 x Hook-Eze Reef & Blue Water Twin Pack
  • Between the 2 sizes suits Hooks sized from a Standard 10/0 down to the smallest hook No. 28


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