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Tie Perfect Knots... Catch More Fish!

Here's How it Works:

Mutli-functional Fishing Knot Tying Tool.

1. Cover the Barb

Safely and easily tie perfect, professional knots that won't slip!

2. Cut the Line

No more chipped teeth, damaged boat fiberglass or knife injuries with the convenient Line Cutter!

3. Clip to Rod

Travel safely fully rigged - Avoid damaged car upholstery and start fishing faster!

Most Wished For Gift on Amazon!

Most Wished For Gift on Amazon!

There are two sizes available to cover all your hooks from the river to the reef

River and Coast Sizes: Standard 4/0 Hook down to the smallest hooks

Reef and Blue Water Sizes: Standard 10/0 Hook down to a 1/0 Hook

Hook-Eze is for EVERYONE

Recreational and Beginners

Professionals & Experienced

With Health Conditions

Kids & Families